Zydeco Shoes Reviews

Pewter Award for Book Design
2005 Gold Ink Awards

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This neatly packaged boxed book and CD set is a lively testimony to what happens when a pair of Yankees come South and fall in love with New Orleans. Alex Hayes and her friend Bob Swanson came here in 1997 and promptly fell in love with the Jackson Square paintings of Earl Hébert. Those red dancing shoes, “zydeco shoes,” deserve a book all their own, and Hayes and Swanson provide that tribute here…
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Dear Alex,
Thank you for trusting me with your enchanting Zydeco Shoes as Earl trusted you with Grand-mere. I’ve savored each page and all my senses felt the joy of the Cajun heart and soul. Though yesterday was cold and snowy here, I was transported to laughter and singing and dancing with good people and good food and the warm Louisiana sunshine…
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“Zydeco” for those unfamiliar with Cajun culture is defined as “a combination of traditional Cajun dance music and African blues.” Quite obviously, that’s a jumpin’ kind of music, really snappy. And, this is a really snappy kind of book…
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Introduction to Colorful Cajun Culture
Music on a CD, recipes, anecdotes, and most of all, Earl Hébert’s vibrantly-colored illustrations convey the tone, energy, and distinctiveness of Louisiana’s Cajun culture…
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Alex ... Your book has given me a sense of peace and healing. I saw a lot of bad, sad and depressing sights during the time I was down [in New Orleans] the week after Katrina left. Zydeco Shoes became my bedtime reading every night after I returned...
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